Connecting to Source - Arron and Angela Michaels
About Us
When Spirit calls, we answer...
Being Life Partners and Soul Mates has presented us with unique gifts to share with those seeking to re-member and re-connect with their Highest Self and Purpose. Our shared life experiences and gifts from Spirit give us compassion and insight into Human Duality. Our mission as Light Workers is to assist those seeking to awaken to their Highest Potential.
Arron is gifted with clairvoyance, clairaudience, clair-everything!!
In his acceptance of the mantel of messenger in the Highest Good, Arron uses his clear connection with Archangel Michael and Divine Spirit, teaching love, re-membrance, and re-connection. As an energy healer, Arron works with Archangel Michael, Angela, and your Highest Self, manifesting powerful results in alignment with your path!
Angela is a gentle soul who invites the Angels, Masters, and Healing Energies to guide her while assisting your transformation towards well-being and wholeness. 
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     I  acknowledge Divine Source in Myself and Others!
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