Connecting to Source - Arron and Angela Michaels
Claim your Divinity through your Connection to Source, your Highest Self!
Create your life, choose your experiences, align yourself with your Highest Good by reprogramming your thoughts and words.
( you say these phrases, fill in the blanks with the positive qualities you desire for yourself. Let your affirmations grow with feeling and momentum, continually evolving. Divine Source returns to you the energy you put forth. This is the Spiritual Law of Attraction.)
I Am That, I Am!  (This aligns your attention to your True Essence.)
I Am Love, I Am!
I Am____________! 
(…healthy,  joyful, prosperous, guided, protected, creative, etc.) 
(…in harmony with my environment, my relationships, my thoughts) 
(…at peace with my decisions)(…consciously connecting to Divine Source)
I Am thankful to Be  ______________! 
(…the Light bringer I came here to Be!) 
(…always surrounded by Loving Angels, Guides, Spirit!)          
(…receiving all the wonderful gifts God is sending to me!)          
(…in perfect and divine health, harmony, and balance!)          
(…exactly where I am!) 
enjoy experiencing myself as _____________________!         
(…loving, healthy, balanced, centered, patient, wise, creative, etc)          
(…free from the past)          
(…a clear and loving channel of Divine Energy)         
(…a powerful co-creator of my life) 
Through Divine Source/God, I insist that I am ____________!
Through Divine Source/God, I am thankful to be in alignment with the vibration of ________________!
     I  acknowledge Divine Source in Myself and Others! 
     God in Me Sees/Acknowledges/Loves God in You! 

I See the Unfolding of God in All of Life!
    Bless Your Heart!
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